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Rapkon Seafood AS trades and exports seafood all over the world.  Our core industry is distribution of wildly caught whitefish. Rapkon is a significant company in dry fish distribution & logistics for industries, catering, food services, restaurants and retailers.

We advise our potential customers on the type of stockfish that is good for your target market. We are dedicated to bringing you the best stockfish deals and at the most reasonable rates possible.

We offer processed products mainly to the USA, Angola, Congo, South Africa and Nigeria. Nigeria is our largest market.

The raw material comes primarily from the coastal areas outside Norway and Iceland. Drying is the oldest known method of preserving fish, and is prepared immediately after capture. After gutting the fish, it is either dried as whole or split along the spine leaving the tail connected.

We appreciate you spending the time to learn more about our products. Please feel free to contact us.